We don’t like to crow or pat ourselves on the back. We like to let our food and our service speak for itself.

However, when people discover us via the web, they have no way of knowing if our descriptions of quality food and excellent service can possibly live up to our claims.

This is where our reviews are needed. No, we are not trying to show off, we just want to let you know that our food and service live up to our standards.


Moo S. from San Fransisco

Wasn’t expecting much from this pizza joint. It was a middle of roadtrip, “do I want twizzlers/beef jerky, chain food-like substances, or food-food” decision. Thank you, Yelp, for the “search nearby” option.

They do things big at Gino’s- my made-to-order “slice” of pizza was about 1/4 of a regular pie. We asked for anchovies on the side- I think a school of fish must have been in our container!

Their flavors are big too- their sauce was just right and the cheese was the perfect canvas for the toppings. I’ve never mistaken a pizza for a salad, but my margherita could have been a salad in disguise. I’m sure an entire basil plant and a small family of tomatoes were sacrificed to create my pizza. The amount of garlic on it ensures I’ll be vampire-proof for the next century.

My first bite proved that big is a good thing. Fresh out of the oven, the crust was perfectly crispy and the flavors were just nomnomnom good. No fancy shmancy cornmeal-pixie-dusted-200%-whole-wheat-with-veggie s-sung-to-while-being-grown-pizza (I appreciate that too, everything has a place in my foodlust)…just good, honest pizza.

Fast forward 12 hours later. The Ultimate Test: cold pizza…still amazing! Cheese was soft, not rubbery at all. The flavors had a chance to soak in even more, the crust still held up and was not soggy. Yum!

Another thing they do big at Gino’s is service- it was top notch and very genuine. If you ever find yourself in this area, give ‘em a try. You’ll be more than pleasantly surprised 🙂
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Skippy S. from Lompoc

The pizza was GREAT!!! It was a small, but more than enough for two people. The bread sticks were good and the salad was huge! Will visit again!
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